Looking for an Apple store in India to feel and experience the product before making the final purchase decision? Or want to explore the latest products from Apple stable. Whatever the reason be – Below we have covered Apple authorized stores and premium resellers in major cities in India.



Key difference between Apple Shops, Premium Resellers and Sellers

  • Apple shops are stores owned and operated by Apple.

    Note: Unlike other countries, Apple does not have its own shops in India as the Indian law does not permit FDI in single brand retail. Instead it operates in a franchise way by partnering with a major retailer of Indian origin (for eg, Croma). Its like a “Mini Apple Store”.

  • Apple premium resellers are dedicated retailers chosen and recognized by Apple to provide superior customer service.
  • Apple resellers are normal 3rd party retailer selling Apple branded products.


Why should you visit an Apple store?

  • Apple shops are a great place to discover and gain first hand access to the latest products and accessories.
  • If you are confused or not sure about something, then Apple trained staffs can help you buy the right product.
  • If you have a technical query, then their staffs are qualified enough to provide appropriate solution.


Where to buy?

You can either buy your Apple product directly from an Apple shop or premium reseller or purchase it online. However, we recommend that you buy it smartly by comparing prices. Use the below quick links to compare prices from best online shopping sites in India: