Looking for Apple watch price in India? To fit every bill and wrist size, Apple watches are available in 3 styles (Sports, Steel & 18 carat gold) and 2 sizes (38mm and 42mm).


Below are the prices of all the 3 watches in India. For,

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Though pre-orders for these watches will start on April 10th, 2015 in other countries – Official launch date of these watches in India has not been announced yet. But we expect that it could be available in Apple authorized shops and premium resellers sometime in Jun – Jul 2015. However, for those eager to buy the watch at any cost can buy it online from eBay India at little extra price. Top rated sellers on eBay are selling the imported Apple Sport and Steel watches in India. Click on the below image for more details.

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Watch Design, Technology and Other Details

Combining technology with fashion, Apple created these beautiful watches that for sure will turn all the eyes on you. To ensure that they look good and meet your daily demand, custom alloys of stainless steel, aluminium and gold are used. Since everybody is unique (so is their fashion statement), Apple decided to offer a wide range of straps for these watches. So that you could pick the one that defines the you in you.

Its a timepiece that is not only personal and special but can also keep you healthy. It intimately connects to your iPhone. It improves your day-to-day interactions by taking alerts and notifications to a whole new level. Just tilt your wrist for easy access to weather, stock quotes, calendar, map directions, music, photos or camera controls on your iPhone. For fitness freak, it can monitor your workout activities like running pace and speed, distance walked and calories burnt. By providing weekly and monthly reports, it helps you acheive your fitness goal. With this watch, you can wear your world on your wrist because the possibilities are unlimited.

When Apple had announced these watches last year, there were concerns floating around about its battery life. Well, all that has been put to rest with an 18 hours battery life promise with a single charge. If not the best, its good enough to last the entire day to keep you going when you need it the most.

These watches comes with Apple’s patented retina display technology to ensure that pictures and images on your watch are as live as they are on you iPhone or iPad.

Known for getting things right, Apple decided to tweak the functions of usual crown button on the watch beyond imagination. Now, you can use it to zoom into photos or the display or scroll through the messages and emails. Probably a very useful thoughts for those with broad fingers.


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Apple Watch Sport Edition

This sport edition watch is made out of anodised aluminium with a fluoroelastomer strap. It is lightest among all the Apple watches and the display is protected by Ion-X glass. It is available in 2 case colors (space grey and silver) and 5 different strap colors. And, the expected price tag in India for 38mm case model is Rs. 25000 and for the 42mm case model is Rs. 30000.

Update: Apple Watch Sport is available from top rated sellers on eBay India from Rs. 34,400. To buy click here.

Apple Watch Sport Edition Collection


Apple Watch with Stainless Steel Band & Case

This edition of Apple watch comes with sapphire crystal display and nicely polished steel case. For strap, you can choose between 3 leather straps, a link style bracelet, milanese loop or a fluoroelastomer. Expected starting price for this watch in India is upward of Rs. 35000 and could go all the way upto Rs. 75000 depending on the band you choose to buy it with.

Update: You can buy Apple watch (steel edition) online at premium price in India from Rs. 64,000 at eBay. To buy, click here.

Apple Watch Steel Bands Collection

Apple 18 Carat Gold Watch Edition

This Apple watch edition is a luxury timepiece made out of 18 carat gold (rose and yellow) case which is designed to be twice as hard as standard gold. The display is protected by sapphire crystal. Apple is attempting to re-enter the luxury fashion segment market with this watch edition. And, we expect it to be available only in select stores in India and could cost somewhere upwards of Rs. 650000.

Apple Watch Edition 18 Carat Gold Collection