It is very common for people to misplace or lose their iPhone or iPad. And that’s why Apple integrated a feature called “Find my iPhone” in the iOS eco system. A simple yet very helpful and effective service, Find my iPhone, helps users quickly track their misplaced, lost or stolen iOS device online. This service also helps users in protecting their personal & business data from falling into the wrong hands.

This feature is sometime also referred to as “Find my iPad” or “Find my iMac”.

Find My iPhone

In this article, we will show you how to


Setting up “Find My iPhone” on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Follow the below steps to setup or enable Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone, iPad or iPod

  1. Update to latest iOS version

First ensure that you are running the latest version of Apple iOS. You can check if a new version is available by tapping “Settings->General->Software Update”.

Note: Find my iPhone feature is available only on devices running iOS version 5 and above.

  1. Enable iCloud

If you are on a new iOS device, then the setup process will assist you to create Apple Id which is needed to enable or turn on iCloud.

However, if you had skipped the process during the initial setup, you could re-do by entering your Apple Id by tapping “Settings->iCloud”.

Once you enable iCloud by entering your Apple Id, you will be prompted with question “Allow iCloud to use the location of your iPhone”? Tap “OK”. Otherwise iCloud will not be able to track the location of your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

How to Setup Find My IPhone on iOS8

Now you can track or locate your iPhone, iPad from anywhere in the world just by logging into using your Apple Id.


How to Setup “Find My Mac” to track lost or stolen Mac

To setup Find My Mac service on your Macbook laptop or iMac desktop, follow below steps:

  1. Update your Mac to run the latest version of Mac OS. You can check if the latest version of Mac OS is available or not by going to “Apple Menu -> Software Update”
  2. Enable iCloud
    • Navigate to “Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> iCloud”.
    • Enter your Apple Id
    • Enable the “Find my Mac” service along with other services that you wish to enable

How to Enable Find My Mac Service

You can now track your Mac from anywhere in the world just by logging into with your Apple Id.


How to Use “Find my iPhone” Features with iCloud?

Once you have enabled “Find my iPhone” or “Find my Mac” service on iCloud, you can take variety of actions to track or find your lost device. Alternatively you can also protect your personal data on your iPhone, iPad and Mac from falling into wrong hands. Let’s take a look at each one of them

How to use find my iphone service from icloud

Lock your screen by enabling lost mode

Use this feature if your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac is lost or stolen and you are worried about personal or business data. Locking your iOS device screen will ensure that nobody ever is able to gain access to your device unless they know the passcode that you set. Optionally you can also display a contact number and custom message on the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad. This helps people to reach you when they find your device. To enable lost mode, follow the steps below:

  1. Open in a browser and login using your Apple Id.
  2. Click on “Find my iPhone” and select the device for which you want to lock the screen.
  3. Click “Lost Mode” option and select “OK”.
  4. Now enter a 4 digit passcode and confirm it by re-entering it again.
  5. Enter an optional phone number that will be shown on the missing iOS device so that the person possessing the device can reach you on that number. You could also enter an optional message that will be shown on your iPhone or iPad.

Your iOS device will now be locked and data will be accessible only when a valid passcode is entered.

Play a sound

Use this feature in case you have misplaced your iPhone or iPad somewhere under a couch or bed and unable to locate it. Clicking on this option will make your iOS device to play sound which can easily help you locate your device.

Erase iPhone

Using this option will erase all the data content and settings on your iPhone & iPad. Also, you will not be able to track or locate this device any further. Use this option only when data security is your prime concern and not the device.

Track location

This option under “Find my iPhone” feature allows you to track the exact location of your missing iPhone or iPad on a map.

If the location services on your iPhone, iPad or Mac are already enabled, then Find my iPhone service on iCloud will directly show you the exact location of the device on map. However, if the location services on your iOS devices are disabled, then you can find the exact location by placing the device in lost mode. To put the device in the lost mode and track its location, click on the the “lost mode” and follow the onscreen instruction.

If for some reason, iCloud is unable to locate your iPhone or iPad despite the location services being on, then you can select “Notify me when found” option to receive an email notification on your registered Apple Id when the device is tracked or found.

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