Apple iPhone Price List in India

Looking for Apple iPhone price in India? Browse through all the Apple mobiles launched in India since 2008. From comparing prices to specs & features, we will help you buy the right iPhone mobile at lowest price in India.

Note: Below are the 61 models of Apple mobile with their prices in India online. For detailed price list, click on appropriate image.
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Apple iPhone Price in India
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Apple iPhone Models with Price

Apple iPhone 7
Available online from 4 store(s)
Best Price: Rs. 44,499


Apple iPhone SE
Available online from 3 store(s)
Best Price: Rs. 19,199


Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Available online from 3 store(s)
Best Price: Rs. 58,490


Apple iPhone 5S
Available online from 2 store(s)
Best Price: Rs. 15,990


Apple iPhone 6S
Available online from 2 store(s)
Best Price: Rs. 37,299


Apple iPhone 6
Available online from 1 store(s)
Best Price: Rs. 52,000


Apple iPhone 6 Plus
Available online from 1 store(s)
Best Price: Rs. 62,000


Apple iPhone 6S Plus
Available online from 1 store(s)
Best Price: Rs. 72,000


Important Note:

iPhone Series & Prices in India

Price of Apple iPhone in India varies by series and starts from Rs. 18,000 for the 5S series whereas the price of iPhone 6 model starts from Rs. 34,000. The latest iPhone 6S & 6S Plus can be bought starting from Rs. 41,000 & 49,999. Below table consolidates the prices of various Apple iPhones.

Apple iPhone (Base Model)Available From
iPhone 5S (16GB)Rs. 18,000
iPhone 6 (16GB)Rs. 34,100
iPhone 6 Plus(16GB)Rs. 42,000
iPhone 6S(16GB)Rs. 41,300
iPhone 6S Plus(16GB)Rs. 49,999

Note: iPhone price in India is significantly lesser online when compared to local Apple stores. One can easily save about 20%-30% by buying an Apple mobile online. And iPhones purchased from popular online stores like Amazon, Flipkart & Snapdeal comes with authentic 1 year Apple warranty.

Everything About Apple iPhone in Detail

Apple iPhone Journey – A Product that Changed the Mobile Technology Forever

What started as a creative journey in 2007 soon became the most popular gadget across the world in less than a decade! Today, iPhones are the benchmark for performance and quality in the smartphone market. They continue to outsell Android and Windows phones in many regions. Buying an iPhone is not about having a bigger bank account or being a diehard techno geek. This phone is about bonding with a technology created to understand human behaviour/interactions. It helps you simplify and enrich your everyday schedule. It allows you to click pictures, shoot videos, play games and connect socially apart from providing navigation. It helps you plug into a world of entertainment where you choose without any restrictions.

Apple Mobile Evolution – Every Generation of iPhone Still Has a Taker!

From first generation Apple iPhone to the latest version, each model has been able to achieve a cult status. Every time an iPhone has been launched, it engaged attention, bordering on fanatical following. They come with features that few could dream and even fewer dared to turn into reality. Constant upgrades in hardware & software updates from Apple thrive towards one common goal - raise the quality of mobile-user interface. Make things extremely simple and easy to use. Gradually, cameras got sharper, screens became bigger and additions like secondary camera, GPS and Digital Compass became standard. With iPhone 3G, Apple amused its user base with 2 color options (black & white). The fourth generation Apple mobiles came with the patented Retina Display technology - acclaimed for having the maximum resolution that human eyes can perceive! It was an instant hit and Apple yet again set the new display standard. With iPhone 5, Apple, impressed it users with a 4 inch screen (first time in the history ever since its launch). With 5S, it introduced a never-heard-before feature called TouchID. This feature allowed users to unlock their phones with a long press of the home button. The home button was fitted with a scanner, which scanned the thumb’s print and unlocked the phone. This type of authentication was unheard of at that time. And everybody in the world knew that its soon going to get copied over to the other platforms. The most recent launch by Apple (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) have been the most successful of all. With screen size of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, lastest iOS8 with most advanced features - Apple is firing on all cylinders.

Your List of Requirement Don't Matter, the iPhone Always has an Answer

iPhone is the preferred choice whether you want to buy a mobile for its premium aura, high-resolution images or quality of digital content. Whether you want playfully coloured smartphones or a sleek business phone, the Apple Mobilie fits the bill to perfection. From first-time mobile phone users to those addicted to mobile technology, iPhone(s) are a meaningful, sensible choice for every individual. For dedicated tech collectors and Apple enthusiasts, first & second generation Apple mobiles are still invaluable, often traded at unbelievable quotes. For those eager to hop on to the iOS bandwagon, the transition is now simpler…waiting to wow you!

Being Unique is a Conscious Choice at Apple – the Legacy Continues

Steve Job’s legacy continues where emphasis is on being inspired, unafraid and ready to challenge the conventional. Every Apple mobile choose to be different than conventional smartphones, as they have their own operating system—the iOS. This is the most remarkable ecosystem that delivers lag-free operation. The iOS continues to evolve. Today, it is more sophisticated than any other operating system. The iOS ensures that your data is encrypted, protected at par with the most stringent data security protocols. Self-sufficiency of the iOS ecosystem is underlined by the fact that it does not need dedicated antivirus solutions.

The Era of Contemporary Mobile is Upon Us – Get the Latest iPhone in India

Latest additions to the globally popular Apple mobiles includes the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus - worshipped for being the best Apple mobiles yet! They feature an upgraded version of the Retina Display technology and different sized screens. Improved features in the most evolved version of the iOS place the iPhone 6 leagues ahead of any smartphone operating system. Now sporting an all-metal body and almost bezel-less front face, the new Apple mobile is here to impress, overwhelm and conquer. So what are you waiting for? Compare the prices from best online shopping sites in India with us and buy your latest phone today. - The Biggest Online Store for Buying Apple iPhone in India

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Buying Apple Mobile in India is Now Easier, Cheaper

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