Looking for a refurbished iPhone? Or, mulling over the options to buy a second hand used iPhone 6, 5S or 4S online in India? At BestApplePrice.com, we help you with every information – be it finding the best place to buy an used iPhone 5S or 6 online or understanding the difference between refurbished & used iPhones and things you should pay attention to while buying a second hand iPhone.

Refurbished & Second Hand Used iPhone 6 5S 4S


Refurbished vs Second Hand (a.k.a. Used) iPhone

Consumers often assume that a refurbished iPhone is same as a second hand used iPhone. Let us tell you that they are not. There is a critical difference between the two and its important for you to understand it.

A refurbished iPhone usually is a phone that has been returned by a customer to either Apple or the seller due to it having some problem. These phones are then restored to their perfect working condition either by Apple or by a 3rd party vendor after testing it and fixing the problems (if any). And after they pass through all the quality checks, these iPhones are then put up for sale at a much lower prices and are accompanied by 30 to 90 days limited warranty.

Second hand or used iPhones on the other hand are sold as it is by the seller (either individual user or 3rd party). Its up-to the buyer to inspect the phone before purchasing it and used iPhones does not come with any warranty.


Where to buy Used iPhone 6, 5S or 4S in India?

For those looking to buy an used iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus or 4S (second hand) model online in India have the following options:

1. eBay

eBay India is a great online portal to buy both refurbished and second hand iPhone 6, 5S and 4S Apple mobiles in India.

  • To buy refurbished iphone 6, 5S, 4S, click here
  • For second hand iPhone 5S or Used iPhone 6, click here

Benefit of buying a refurbished iPhone from online portal such as eBay India is that your money is secured as most of the items listed on eBay are covered under eBay money back guarantee. And in case if you find that the refurbished iPhone 6 or 5S is not functioning properly, you can return it back to the seller within the stipulated time for the refund.

Note: We recommend that you go through the full description, warranty information, refund and return policy provided by eBay seller before buying any used iPhone – be it 6, 5S or 4S.

2. OLX & Quikr

OLX and Quikr are two popular online portals where you stand good chances of finding a second hand iPhone 6 or used iPhone 5S & 4S. But the problem with OLX & Quikr is that there is no security. First, you have to find the individuals who are willing to sell their used iPhones in and around your city and then get in touch with them, meet them in person to buy it. And at times there can also be fraudulent ad-posts with seller asking the buyers to first transfer the money into their account following which the product will be shipped – which can be untrustworthy.


Things to look for in a refurbished or second hand used iPhone

If you are buying an used iPhone 5S, 6 or any iPhone for that matter, we recommend that you check the below features to ensure that your second hand iPhone is a good buy.

  1. Call quality & speakerphone: Pop-in your sim and make a call to your loved one to ensure that the used iPhone is capable of serving its basic function. It’s also advisable to turn on the speakerphone while on the call to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the phone.
  2. Camera: Turn on the camera to see the used iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S is capable of taking good images both from the front and back camera. You may also want to try capturing a video to see if everything is good.
  3. Wifi: Turn on the wifi to check if the phone detects all the nearby wifi routers & hotspots.
  4. Bluetooth & GPS: Enable GPS on the iPhone to see if the sensors are working correctly.
  5. Keypad: Try typing a new message by pressing all the keystrokes on the keypad. This will ensure that no key area is defective and you can actually use all of the keyboard without any problem.
  6. Home button: You may also want to press home buttons a few times to ensure that its in proper operating condition.