Are you a Vodafone customer looking for latest Vodafone iPhone 6 offers in India? Or, a new user, looking for Vodafone iPhone plans on popular Apple iPhone 5S & 4S models? Below are all the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S & 4S plans and EMI offers available from Vodafone to its customers in India.

Vodafone iPhone Plans & Offer - iPhone 6, 5S, 4S

Vodafone iPhone 6 Plans & Offers

Vodafone India is offering its new and existing customers an Apple iPhone 6 on EMI. Customers can choose from either one of the 2 Vodafone iPhone 6 offer mentioned below:

  1. Pay Rs. 3599 per month for a period of 24 month and get a brand new Apple iPhone 6 16GB loaded with Vodafone 6K plan (6000 local and/or std minutes of calling, 6GB 3G Data plan and 1500 free SMS).
  2. Pay Rs. 3999/month for 24 month to get iPhone 6 16GB with 10K Vodafone plan. Vodafone 10K monthly plan includes 10000 local/std calling minutes, 10 GB 3G data plan, 2500 SMS.
iPhone 6 EMI/MonthEMI DurationWhat you Get?
Rs. 359924 MonthsApple iPhone 6 16GB + 6K Vodafone monthly plan
Rs. 399924 MonthsApple iPhone 6 16GB + 10K Vodafone monthly plan


Important Note:

  • Vodafone iPhone 6 offer mentioned above allows customers to choose the colour of the mobile at the time of signing the agreement
  • There is an additional cashback of Rs. 3000 on iPhone 6 Plus models
  • Refer the below table for effective down payment to be made regardless of the Vodafone iphone 6 plan or offer you select
ModelDown Payment
iPhone 6 – 16GBRs. 2500
iPhone 6 – 64GBRs. 10990
iPhone 6 – 128GBRs. 18490
iPhone 6 Plus – 16GBRs. 10990
iPhone 6 Plus – 64GBRs. 18490
iPhone 6 Plus – 128GBRs. 25990


Vodafone iPhone Offer for iPhone 5S Lovers

Vodafone is offering 2 options for those who are interested in iPhone 5S.

  1. Pay Rs. 2499 per month for 24 month to get an iPhone 5S 16GB loaded with Vodafone 6K monthly plan. Vodafone 6K monthly plan includes free 6000 local/std minutes, 6 GB of 3G data plan and 1500 SMS.
  2. Add another Rs. 400 to the above monthly EMI (pay Rs. 2899) for 24 months to get an iPhone 5S 16 GB with 10K monthly plan.

Important Note:

  • Above Vodafone iPhone offer shall benefit the customer with initial cash-back of Rs. 3000. And, this cash-back is applicable on all 5S models.
  • You can chose the 5S mobile color (gold, siver or grey) at the time of signing the initial contract
  • Down payment for Rs. 7490 is to be made for 5S 16GB variant. For 64GB model, you will have to make a down payment of Rs. 10490.
  • For more details, click here.


Vodafone iPhone Plans on iPhone 4S

Vodafone customers who are interested in a little older model of iPhone – 4S, have the following options:

  1. Pay a monthly EMI of Rs. 2099 for 24 months to get an iPhone 4S (8GB) with Vodafone 6K monthly plan.
  2. Second option is to pay an EMI of Rs. 2499 for 24 months to get iPhone 4S 8GB with 10K monthly plan.

Important note:

  • 4S model is eligible for one-time cash back of Rs. 2000.
  • For more details, click here

All the above mentioned Vodafone iPhone Plans are also available with 12 months EMI option. However, you would have to make additional upfront cash payment.

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